Colour Consultations

Colour sets the mood of a room. Green is calm and serene. Blues are cool and fresh. But colour can be so much more. The right tones will enhance your furnishings and they can change depending on the lighting and time of day. The most important thing is how a room makes you feel, and colour is a key component.

While you may find a paint chip that you love in the store, it may look very different in your home under different lighting. Your space should provide the harmony and mood that makes you feel connected to your surroundings.

Suze Interiors will meet with you to learn what mood you want a room to convey. They will help you choose paint colours in the perfect tone and establish a comprehensive colour scheme, taking into account your flooring, furnishings, artwork, natural and artificial lighting.

Changing your wall colour is one of the most impactful and affordable design techniques that will enhance your unique taste and make you feel at home.

Let’s choose your colours today.

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