Give it Some Love

Do you have an old dresser kicking around the garage or attic? Do you need a dresser but the budget doesn’t really allow for shopping for new furniture? Why not join the popular trend of repurposing something old and treasured.

With people spending more time at home and with the uncertainty of the future, many people aren’t spending like they used to. I myself am giving much more thought to each and every purchase I make and asking myself “do you really need to spend money on this?”

I witness and work with baby boomers on a regular basis that are moving and downsizing and purging their big beautiful homes of treasures that they just won’t have the space for in their next home. There are so many great deals on older antique pieces that people can hardly give away.

Not a fan of the dark antique pieces? No problem, what has become popular are painted pieces to make it unique, make it your own and for a fraction of the cost of new. The quality of the pieces is superior to most of the furniture people are buying as well, furniture from overseas just doesn’t seem to stand the test of time.

So why not pick up a bargain at a garage sale, flea market, kijiji or your local consignment store and give it some love and bring some uniqueness to your space.

photo credit: Benjamin Moore

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