This Old Church

Nothing beats a good challenge to keep us on our toes.

We were contacted by a local realtor who wanted to see if we would be interested in looking at a listing he had coming up, which he felt there may not be much we could do with. Never say that to an Aries, as that is just the thing to pique our interest and we love a good challenge. (and hate to fail lol)

The listing happened to be an old church in the beautiful little community of Lavender, quite a hot spot for those wishing to find peace and tranquility from the fast pace of the city.

We walked into the space and to be honest, I felt a little deflated and thought that this was more of a challenge than I was willing to embrace. That feeling didn’t last long as there is always a way to make ANY space beautiful and I was getting caught up on the things I couldn’t change, rather than the features of this amazing space that I could highlight.

Firstly, the entrance was a poopy brown, yup poopy, both floors and walls, it really was a depressing shade of beige and a complete contrast to the inside of the front door, which was a happy & vibrant red, I LOVED IT! This was something we could fix.

Secondly, the floors were slanted towards the altar (now kitchen) and it was something that I felt would turn any potential buyer away. Again, after giving it more thought, I realized that the kind of person that is looking for a church to call home, would embrace the quirkiness of it and it probably wouldn’t phase them as it did me. (being the total perfectionist that I am)

The dated kitchen left a bit to be desired, again not something we could change, but we changed the things we could and added a splash of pretty.

Like most homes, the furniture layout revolved around the big TV, what I call the elephant in the room, and I knew that had to change. There was also an old pew (not original to this church) that faced the corner to create an office area. The pew was filled with THE most incredible album collection I had ever seen. I was soooo tempted to put one on the turn table just to hear how it sounded in the awesome space, which I bet was incredible. I decided to keep the albums for staging and we put them in the old trunk that was there and left the lid open. We also left the turntable, as we wanted people to imagine sitting in this amazing space listening to their favourite music.

The TV was removed and we turned the furniture around to face the open space, a much friendlier layout. We brought in some fabulous teal chairs, that were a perfect complement to the colours we had to work with. The bike was so cool on the wall and the ladder was perfect with it’s punch of red, and we simply layered the rungs with magazines.

The most significant transformation and by far the most important was the entry. It took a little convincing with the owner, as he was somewhat attached to the “original” colour and thought it would be a mistake to change it. My job is to reiterate the importance of first impressions and how crucial it was to make a change. He agreed and we painted the walls white and the floor a gorgeous navy which really did look awesome. Now the red door popped and we added a vibrant piece of artwork with lots of red to welcome buyers when they opened the front door.

Needless to say, this beautiful old church flew off the shelf in 3 days and as much as it must have been so difficult for the owner to let it go (it belonged to his father), he was extremely pleased with the results and was going to spend two full weeks before closing sucking every last bit he could out of it. I bet he listened to those albums all day long!

 Before After                                              Chris Gardiner Photography                                                          After                                            Chris Gardiner Photography

After                                           Chris Gardiner Photography



After                                            Chris Gardiner Photography

 After                                           Chris Gardiner Photography
 After                                               Chris Gardiner Photography
  After                                             Chris Gardiner Photography

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