Feng Shui in the Bedroom…..3 easy steps!

Retreating to your bedroom at the end of a long day is something most of us look forward to, assuming it is a beautiful space that you have created that has good energy flow & lacks the things that can drain our precious energy.

Here are 3 simple steps that will help you have a wonderful nights sleep.

STEP #1 Create good feng shui energy. What does that look like, well the abundance of fresh clean air, natural light pouring in and the ever important rule of “no clutter” and no “electrical equipment”.

What this means is keeping your window open a crack (assuming it isn’t minus 30 outside), not having a tv, computer, cell phone or exercise equipment in the room. Keep the area under your bed clear of clutter, as well as your closets.

STEP # 2. Proper bed placement. Make sure that you have access to both sides of the bed & that you have nightstands on both sides. (they don’t have to be matchy matchy). Be mindful not to have a mirror facing your bed or any sharp angles pointing at you while you sleep.

STEP #3 Use beautiful feng shui colours. Being surrounded by beautiful things elevate our energy and nourish and heal us. Where as an ugly space can suck our energy. Feng shui colours that are recommended are earth tones like sand or chocolate brown. Adding pop of colour can add a sensual and romantic touch. Colours like red, pink, magenta, lavender or coral orange are all good feng shui colours.

Have only art that you love and inspires you. Natural bedding, dimmers on the lights to keep the energy soft and candles can all nourish you.



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