Wait for the Professionals

I recently went into a home in Vancouver’s West side to assist the owner with getting her home ready to sell. She and her husband had been eagerly clearing out clutter and furniture before I arrived and had placed it in storage. When I walked into the home and peeked into the living room I was a little bit surprised (ok, a lot surprised!). The only things in this huge room were two sofas pushed up against the walls, 2 floor lamps and a small bookcase.

When I asked if she had an area rug or coffee table, she said that they put them in storage. Hmmmm, why I asked? She said that they had decluttered.

Decluttering for the purpose of selling is the process of removing knick knacks, personal photos and excess furniture which makes a room look smaller and crowded. Coffee tables and area rugs do not fall into this category of clutter. They are necessary pieces that bring the room together and make the home feel warm and lived in.

Back to the storage locker they go, to retrieve the pieces that should never have left.



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