Home Staging

If you are decorating your home to live in, it has personal items that make it a reflection of who you are and what you love. From paint colours, to artwork, to family photos, so accent colours. Staging is the opposite and “less is more” is my favourite saying when clients ask. We want to depersonalize the home so that anyone walking through the door can imagine themselves living there.  Neutral paint colours, pops of colour that add interest and fewer things that distract from the features of the home.

If you want to maximize the dollar value of your home and attract a faster sale, you should stage your home. Your home may already be beautiful however many homeowners have an emotional attachment to their home and it’s hard to be subjective. Using an experienced professional you will get an objective point of view with nothing more than your best interest in mind.

The simplest answer is NO. Decluttering and depersonalizing are a necessary part of the process as clutter is extremely distracting to buyers, however staging is so much more. With proper furniture placement, creating beautiful vignettes and highlighting the homes features, you will now be able to appeal the majority of buyers.

Absolutely! The majority of people find it very difficult to visualize a space, especially if it’s empty. Staging your home removes the guess work for potential buyers so they can actually see the purpose of each room, see how much and how the furniture should be properly placed. Empty rooms feel smaller than furnished rooms, which makes it more difficult for buyers to visualize whether or not their furniture will fit.

Our home is one of the largest investments we have and the goal is to get the best possible return on that investment. Working with an experienced professional stager can increase the value of your home, which means more money in your pocket.

Home Staging is a strategy to market your home for sale to appeal to the most number of buyers. By creating a great first impression, our goal is to create a home that potential buyers fall in love with and creating that emotional connection.

Interior Decorating

Hiring an interior decorator when you move into your new home means creating the home you love at the beginning and not when it’s time to sell. A decorator can choose new paint colours, help with furniture placement, assist with new lighting, flooring, countertops, custom furniture pieces, and more.

Another key time to consider an interior decorator is when you are about to start a renovation. Picking the right finishes at the beginning of a project can be far less costly than tackling it on your own and making a wrong choice that can prove to be very expensive to change.

An interior decorator uses elements like paint, lighting, fabric and furniture to decorate a space to match the owner’s personality, budget and vision.  Whereas an interior designer is focussed more on the construction, working closely with architects and builders to design an interior space. 

Knowing your budget from the start is crucial to the process. An experienced interior decorator will be able to give you a good idea of what is possible to accomplish on your “wish list”, based on your budget, so that your expectations can be met to avoid any unwanted disappointments.

Absolutely! Building relationships and working with experienced, reliable, trustworthy trades is crucial to the success of a good decorator and their projects.

Working with an interior decorator can help bring often needed direction to the start of a renovation project. We often work with client who become “stuck” in the process and don’t know where to start first. Interior decorating is just thata processwhich needs to be properly planned and executed for a successful outcome.

Furniture Rentals

Prices noted are for the first month of rentals. During the 2nd month, there is a 20% discount, and 3rd month onward is a total of 30% discount. More info on Rental Terms.

No there is no minimum. Delivery fees include up to 6 items so subject to change if more items are rented.

At Suze Interiors, we strive to offer beautiful rental furniture in pristine condition. To avoid damage liabilities, we do not allow furniture to be picked up. Exceptions may be allowed for some of our smaller items like throw pillows and area rugs.

Delivery fees vary depending on the location. Please visit our Pick-up and Deliveries page for the pricing schedule.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, e-transfers and certified cheques (must be received prior to delivery). A credit card is required on file for all rentals.

Our delivery team will lay down carpets to protect your flooring and they will place rented pieces as per your direction. Beds will also be assembled and placed as per your request.


  • Our delivery team will not hang artwork or mirrors.
  • Packing supplies and shrink wrap will be removed from the site.
  • Any furniture belonging to the client may be moved at an additional fee at the movers discretion.