Homeowner Understands the Value of Home Staging

Staging homes isn’t just about putting furniture into a home, it may also involve dealing with clients around sensitive issues. Removing any additional stress can be crucial in some circumstances i.e. dealing with an estate sale, death of a loved one or divorce.

Suze Interiors was recently brought into a Vancouver realtors Kitsilano listing, where her client was dealing with a difficult and emotional estate sale. My job as an Interior Decorator and Home Stager, is to not only make the necessary recommendations to getting the home ready to sell, but also to make it as easy and stress free for my client as possible. Kindness & compassion are qualities I bring with me to all of my clients, and it’s knowing how to read your customer and truly listening, that can make all the difference.

This particular condo needed some TLC, so we brought in our expert painter and flooring specialist. The tired walls were painted, and the dated pink carpet was replaced with a nice neutral. We staged once the work was complete, and just learned that it sold within the first week, for just $4000 below list price.

Our client was relieved to say the least, as she will now be able to put this behind her and move on with her life. Her email to me with her news included her belief in staging, as she said………. “Clearly, this moved because the place looked so great. So thanks for that!”






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