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Another Listing Sold!
Real Estate inventory in Vancouver, BC is in excess at the moment, so if you are looking for ways to get your home sold, think Home Staging.
Just before Christmas, Suze Interiors was asked to give a quote on what it would cost to stage an empty townhome. This particular unit had been on the market for a while & was getting no interest or offers at all. Our quote was accepted and on January 14th, Suze Interiors staged this particular 1700 sq. ft. townhome in Kerrisdale, a very desirable neighbourhood in Vancouver.
The space was completely vacant, had white walls & bare white ceramic tiles on the floor, it was basically lacking any warmth or lived-in feel at all. It would have been very difficult for the average person to envision how they could arrange their things & make it home.
Suze Interiors brought in furniture, artwork and accessories & gave life to this cold empty space, all the while removing the guess work from potential buyers on how the home could look.
The owner confirmed that within 3 days they had 3 offers, which turned into a bidding war & the end result was that within a week, they sold it for $23,000 above the asking price.
The owner/Realtor is convinced that the properly priced unit got potential buyers through the doors, while the staging took it to the next level of getting it SOLD!!



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