Home Staging Statistics by Maritz

Maritz conducted a staging poll in 2005/2006, and it was very interesting to see the results that they found, and why it is important to use the services of a Professional Stager to prepare your home to sell quickly & for top dollar.

They found:

77% of people will view a home or condo on the internet, before they go and see it. This makes it crucial that your home looks fabulous for the photos that are going to be posted on MLS for all to see. Decluttered, bright & fresh spaces are what will attract people to want to come and see your home.
75% of buyers who searched on the internet went on to drive by homes. This is why curb appeal is so important. Tidy, well groomed yards & gardens are important and the addition of bright flowers are very appealing to those that pass by.
79% of sellers are willing to spend up to $5000 to get their home “ready” to sell. This investment is just that, an investment! It will allow your home to be listed for a higher price than the house that looks tired & outdated and will create a faster sale, all in all a win-win situation!
63% of buyers are willing to pay more money for a house that is “move-in” ready. With todays busy lifestyles, for most people, the thought of moving into a home that requires lots of work, is not very appealing. Moving is a stressful & tiring task on it’s own, so if the prospective buyer knows that he can just unpack & be settled quickly, it is very enticing.
58% of buyers are willing to make a decision to buy within seeing 10 properties. So, if you want your home to top of mind, why not contact a professional Stager to get it Show Home Ready?

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