Staging to sell, one room at a time.

It’s proven that within 30-seconds of walking into your home, people form an opinion. With professional home staging inside and enhanced curb appeal outside, we can help make an outstanding first impression on homebuyers, attract the highest bidder and help you sell faster.

Staging Vacant Homes

With furniture rentals through Suze Interiors’ new showroom and warehouse in Collingwood, Ontario, we can make your home space come alive and connect with target homebuyers. From modern and traditional, to contemporary design, we offer an extensive inventory of top-quality furnishings, beautiful artwork and stylish decor.

Staging Lived-in Homes

As part of this staging process, we will go through your home and edit each room, re-purpose your furnishings and artwork, and provide thorough de-cluttering for a spacious and welcoming first impression. Because remember, if your personal mementos are on display, people can’t picture themselves living in your space.

Home Staging services include:

  • Bringing in furniture, accessories, artwork and linens to enhance your existing style. 
  • De-cluttering to provide a refreshed look and appeal to more buyers.
  • Professional assessment and list of “to do’s” to help you get your home ready.
  • Coordinating temporary storage while your home is on the market.
  • Connecting you with professional movers and packers, along with packing supplies.
  • Recommendations on gardeners and landscapers for maximum curb appeal.
  • Recommendations on interior and exterior home cleaning services.
  • Suggestions on how to coordinate donating or selling unwanted material and furniture.