Bringing Glam to the Bedroom

We love it when we get the call “I’ve lived in my condo for a year & still don’t have it looking the way I want.” Music to the ears.

One of the rooms our client wanted to transform was the bedroom. She lives in a beautiful Yaletown condo in Vancouver with stunning views of the water. As she gets older, so does her style & taste. What can make a bedroom feel more glamorous or luxurious than wallpaper?

We found this fantastic “Candice Olson” paper that has just enough glam to make the room feel really sophisticated. One wall was all we needed, as the foot of the bed was a wall of mirrors so that our client wakes to see the beautiful paper reflecting back at her. Fabulous!!!!!!

The finishing touches aren’t quite done yet, coordinating throw pillows & beautiful lamps are on the list. Just couldn’t wait to show off this beautiful paper.

Where would wallpaper look great in your home?



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