Can You Use a Cowhide in a Contemporary Setting?

The answer is absolutely!!! I had suggested to a client recently that she might consider adding a cowhide rug in her living room, to go with her black leather sofa & black swivel chairs, both modern in style. She said, “isn’t a cowhide too country for that?”. I said absolutely not & backed it up with the photo below.

Styles of furniture & accessories can absolutely be mixed, this makes it eclectic & much more interesting in my opinion. The rule of thumb though is to make one style more predominant, the 70/30% rule or 60/40%.

In this photo, in downtown Vancouver,  we paired a very contemporary barcelona sofa,  coffee table &  floor lamp with this occasional chair with moose fabric, which is quite country & we added the cowhide. This room feels quite funky & fun.

The buyer ended up being a young, hip couple looking for that modern downtown Vancouver lifestyle.



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