Inspiration Board

In my experience of helping clients for over 14 yrs., the biggest obstacle for most is that they are not able to envision how their space “could” look. Whether it’s buying a new home or decorating a home you currently live in, visuals are extremely important so you can see how it could be.

We helped a client stage their home for sale and when it received a whopping $25,000 over the asking prices they were thrilled. When they moved into their new weekend home, they realized that they needed some help with an empty living room.

Having gotten to know them a little, I quickly realized that they would really benefit from an inspiration board to help them decide what they did and did not like. Well we got lucky lol and they loved this concept right from the start which makes our job easier.

They went out and found this gorgeous original art and we pulled from it to bring some colour into the space. The room checked off all the boxes for them and gave them the cozy and comfortable room where they can unwind on the weekends away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Inspiration Board
Blank Canvas

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