It’s About Time!!

All good things take time when you are living through the long process of renovating.

These family photographs were leaning against this wall for a very long time, and it drove me crazy because I had to walk by them several times a day on the way to the bathroom. My motivation to hang them was to get that wall painted because I was determined not to hang them until I did so. The other could have led to some serious procrastination.

This hallway is upstairs, so more of a private space. It’s always a good idea to try to keep you personal and family photo’s in private spaces and nicely grouped together. Many homes I visit have family photos scattered throughout most rooms of the house, either sitting on surfaces or randomly hung.

I love the uniformity of the all black & white photographs. The don’t all have to be the same size and certainly don’t need to have the same frames. Mixing them up adds some nice interest.

When considering the photos you are going to hang, make sure that they are ones that fill you up rather than possibly deplete your energy. If the pictures don’t conjure up fond memories that make you feel good, then leave them in the closet where they belong, without guilt.

My photo wall is a work in progress, as it my intention to fill in the blank spots with more treasured photos that make me smile.

Photo Wall Before
Photo Wall After










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