One Room Three Looks

We were pretty excited to be asked if we would be interested in doing a photo shoot with On the Bay magazine, with the theme being one room being shown several different ways.

The idea behind the article was to be able to show people how they can create a new look with their space by just changing out some of the pieces to give it an entirely new look. With most of us spending a lot more time at home due to the pandemic it can get pretty tiresome looking at the same four walls. Without breaking the bank or replacing the larger more expensive pieces, we worked with what the homeowner already had and added different artwork and accessories.

Our somewhat “blank” canvas.

The first look is the “Boho” or “Bohemian” look.

The second look is our “Rustic” ski chalet vibe.

And lastly the “Contemporary” look.

Tell us which one of the 3 looks is your favourite in the comments below.

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