The Wonderful World of Drapes

Drapes in my opinion are luxurious. They complete a room & give it that finishing touch. They add warmth as well as texture and can be made using beautiful fabrics that tie in the rest of the colours in the room.

If you love that darkness you get when you stay in hotels, that is also easy to achieve, we put a black out lining on them to block out the light.

My client recently took that step to get drapes made for her living & dining room and has written a lovely testimonial on the process.

“I lived in my new apartment for a whole year without drapes, just the Venetian blinds that were there. In the past I have either inherited drapes from former owners or made my own. The windows in this apartment are very big & it seemed rather daunting, so I did nothing for an entire year.

Then my daughter introduced me to Suze McCart, owner of Suze Interiors. Over a cup of tea, she made suggestions & discussed various possibilities with me; always asking me whether I had any special ideas.

The fabric samples she brought for me to see were carefully chosen with the colours of my apartment in mind. Before I knew it, it was in the works and in a very short time they were installed. They are indeed very beautiful and in fact the word “stunning” has been used by several people, including me!”

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