The Benefits of Working with a Staging Professional

There really is no downside to working with a Staging expert when you are preparing your home to sell. Many homes become full with items that have been collected over the years, every nook & cranny becomes packed with “stuff”. The more “stuff” in the home, it feels smaller, busy & distracting to any potential home buyer. You want people to focus on the features & benefits of the home, not the clutter and busyness.

A successful Vancouver real estate agent recently hired Suze Interiors to go into her new lising on the west side of Vancouver, to help her clients get their home ready to sell. It was pretty overwhelming to say the least. Every room was full of excess furniture, artwork & knick knacks. We spent 2 hours going through the home, room by room and making detailed notes of what could stay and what needed to go………the list was long.

The couple got to work over the next couple of weeks and managed to fill 3 storage lockers with the excess. The home was put on the market and the price was set at just below $1.2 million. On New Years Day they had their first open house. More than 100 people came through, they received 19 offers and accepted a price of $1.42 million.
All of the time & energy the couple put into getting the home emptied of the clutter, paid off. The only actual cost to them was renting the storage lockers, as my time was paid for by their agent.

If you or you know anyone thinking of selling their home, it pays to hire a professional Home Stager to help with the process, the benefits are great.

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