Why Wait Until Your Listing Expires to Hire a Professional Stager

Recently Suze Interiors, a Vancouver based home staging & interior decorating company, has gone into several homes that have recently been on the market & haven’t sold. The listing has expired & they are starting over with a new realtor & the frustrating process of more photos, more open houses & more showings.

When I walk into the home or condo, it is very obvious to me as to why these homes are not selling. We have seen everthing from dusty & dirty, to bathroom light fixtures with only 2 out of 8 bulbs working. (perhaps that was so no one would see the filth), a dining area with no dining table, a dining room being used as a gym. When home buyers are in the 2 million dollar price range, they expect to see the home set up as to how they would perceive themselves living there. Many people can’t look past these things and get turned off or confused by the set up of the home.

It doesn’t have to necessarily look like a show suite, but having the furniture in it’s proper positioning in a room is important, such as the dining room table placed underneath the light fixture, instead of pushed up against the wall, or having the sofa centered in front of the fireplace, not offset. You don’t have to have Van Gogh splattering your walls, but having some sort of art or photography brings life into a space.

So for the sake of a few hundred dollars, why not bring in a professional when you first list your home, it could save you thousands in extra mortgage payments that you were expecting not to have.

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