Total Transformation

Who doesn’t love a good transformation? Sometimes I forget that not everyone has the ability to envision what a space “could” look like and the endless possibilities.

I worked with clients recently that had a great vision for how this dated home could look and I was excited to help them with the process. They did a lot of the work themselves and brought me in to make some key important decisions that really needed to be done right the first time.

The guidance I gave them was deciding on how big the island in the kitchen should be and the positioning of it, the kitchen cabinet colour, the backsplash choice (always keeping it classic and timeless), the wall colour, choosing the hardwood flooring and other suggestions with regards to some of the renovations.

They charged ahead and did an awesome job and now it was time for me to do my magic and stage it so it would sell quickly and for top dollar. With Covid in full swing, we had to do things a little bit differently and I had to get creative. After viewing the house on my own (safe social distancing) I went back to my warehouse/showroom and packed up the staging furniture, art and accessories. I carefully labelled each bin of accessories to make it easy for the owners and took photos of the little vignettes that I set up to show them how things should look. The movers came to pick things up and I provided them with a detailed drawing on where the furniture should be placed and they nailed it. After the movers left my clients went in to hang the art and unpack the accessories and with a video call I managed to walk them through the process with great ease. The place looked great!

The for sale sign went up and we were over the moon that it SOLD IN 2 DAYS!

It’s hard sometimes to think of doing something differently than you normally would do it but when you are solution based like I am, you find a way!

Check out the before and afters below.

  Before     AfterBeforeAfter

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