Staging Shows True Size of a Space

It truly is difficult for many people to walk into an empty space and really be able to visualize how it could look with furniture. Having a realistic vision of the actual size of each room when vacant, also can be challenging for many.

Suze Interiors got a phone call recently from a condo owner, who is living out of town. He is desperately trying to sell his condo in South Granville, in Vancouver. It is a nice one bedroom, with quite large rooms, and has been on the market since August, without one offer.

When we walked into the space, I could clearly see how it could be difficult to sell, as it was virtually completely empty, except for a few pieces. The kitchen eating area had an outdoor patio set and the bedroom had a blow up bed that had lost its air, and was actually showing the milk crates that were holding it up. All in all, not great selling features.

The bigger concern that we had, was that most people would probably not be able to visualize the amount of potential furniture that could fit into each room. The bedroom would absolutely fit a king size, along with a dresser, and an occasional chair with side table. Without actually seeing it, it is hard for some to imagine.

Staging primarily is about removing the guess work from potential buyers. The goal is to let people see the potential of each room, and give them the feeling of a particular lifestyle they too could have, if they lived there.

Suze Interiors, based in Vancouver, offers complimentary staging estimates for vacant spaces.

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