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The following article was posted in August’s edition of Vancouver’s “Home Makeover” magazine by Suze Interiors. Please read on to discover my top 10 tips for giving a new look to your space & how to maximize the potential of your home.
Vancouver is such a fantastic place to call home, shouldn’t your home have the same flavour as your exterior surroundings? After all it’s where we spend most of our time.
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Uncover your home’s natural ability to look its best

An old romance is being rekindled in the home makeover market with owners developing a new affection for their home interior. Once the spark of life is restored with redesign or home staging, many are recapturing “that loving feeling” with their living spaces again.

When a tired-looking space gets revitalized, owners often feel a renewed connection to their living spaces. After I stage their homes, most clients say they love the new move-in appeal and regret not doing it sooner. Why wait until it’s time to sell your home to give it a facelift? Do it now.

Paint is the least expensive way to give a home a change. After that, it can be as simple as rearranging existing art, furnishings and accessories or making minor modifications.
Whether selling or redesigning, you may require minor updates or an extensive renovation. If staging, I suggest de-cluttering and de-personalizing to achieve neutrality for the best selling price. If staying, make it a space you love to live in.
A home should bring you joy and be a place to rejuvenate, entertain and feel comfort. You can create an atmosphere that’s fresh, fun and creative. The main objective is to bring your home to life, to reflect you and your lifestyle.

Here are my top 10 makeover tips to transform your living space.

1. Pictures: Most pictures are placed too high. To create the best effect in a room, place the middle of the picture at eye-level. Place higher in hallways, lower in rooms with seating. Picture groupings must be hung to form a straight horizontal line at the top or bottom of the arrangement.
2. Window treatments: When a room needs softening, drapes work well and add elegance, style and colour.
Drapes are functional, too, by controlling natural light, keeping heat out in summer and cold out in the winter.
Blinds provide a cleaner, contemporary look.
3. Wallpaper: Wallpaper is in vogue again. From classic to contemporary, simple to sophisticated, there are thousands of patterns and styles to choose from. Wallpaper can be used in all styles of décor and may be placed on one wall or all four.
4: Paint: Don’t be afraid to use colour. It’s a simple, economical way to add life to a room. Before you paint, test large paint-chip samples in both natural and artificial lighting; morning, afternoon and evening. You can always repaint, but getting it right the first time will save hundreds of dollars in labour and materials.
5. Accessories: Imprint personal style with accessories. They are used to unify a home in colour and style, to complement and enhance furnishings and to add life, variety and interest.
6. Flooring: Laminate or tile is the easiest to clean or care for. While carpet feels nice, it’s not the best solution for people with allergies. Installation of a hardwood floor is an investment that increases home value. Be careful when combining different types of flooring in a small space: it breaks the flow and makes the space feel smaller.
7. Removing Clutter: Less is more, but bare is not better. Removing clutter and discarding unusable items creates space for something new. A bare room lacks interest, colour and a focal point, but clutter creates distraction. “Too much” interrupts a home’s synergy. Less creates simplicity and an easy flow.
8. Furniture Selections: Oversized furniture or large objects can be overbearing and will muscle in on living space. Also, furniture placed too far apart can lack warmth and deter conversation. Simply bringing furniture closer together can create more intimacy and create comfort in the home.
9. Key Elements: Every room should have one key element or focal point. It could be an elegant light fixture, a vibrant painting or a prominent architectural feature, with some interest or pop of colour.
10. Storage: When making the best use of a small space, you can’t be too efficient. A storage bed is the ideal hideaway to fit many items. Functional furniture with storage ability is a best friend in a small condo or apartment.

Susan McCart is an Interior Decorator and Home Stager. She is the owner of Suze Interiors.

New engineered hardwood in this living room opens up a narrow space and reflects light. The mantel was lowered to make room for a 46″ flat screen television. Wall-mounted surround-sound speakers are great for a small space as they get the speakers off the floor. Light sconces over the sofa also eliminate the need for a floor lamp, which takes up valuable floor space.



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