Furniture Facelift

Sometimes we adopt furniture pieces that we don’t exactly love when we get into a new relationship where we either get married or move in together. It is often a struggle when two people try to blend their furniture, as often they are very different styles or one of them doesn’t like their spouses furniture at all.

This particular client, who is based in Burnaby, BC was distraught at her living room. She and her husband had been together for 10 years & 90% of the furniture in the living room was stuff that he brought to the relationship. My client liked very little of it, but her husband loved it all. She didn’t know where to start & wanted to try to work with what they had. Her biggest dislike were the two wing backed chairs, that were comfortable & good quality, but excessively ugly. The pink & teal floral fabric shows their 80’s era.

When I suggested that we get them recovered, my client was instantly relieved. If you have a quality piece, it’s worthwhile to get it recovered in a fabric that you love, it is very cost effective.

We waited until her husband left town for a few days & we got to work. Within 3 days, she had the chairs & ottoman back to the home with a fresh new look, in keeping with 2012.

Her husband came home to his new living room & absolutely loved it all. We didn’t get rid of anything, just updated the lamp with a new shade, added some custom throw pillows to the little settee & recovered the existing chairs & ottoman. They eventually picked up a new area rug, and next is a new coffee table & artwork, to complete the room.

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